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“We are already healed, whole and free. My experience has taught me that we can get back to that feeling through heart-centered, holistic coaching approaches.”

-Hayley Mathews

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Holistic Integrative Life Coaching


Holistic Integrative Recovery Coaching

The Possibility…

We as individuals have so much incredible potential, so much raw possibility. As a coach, one of my greatest honors is to help you discern what is possible in your life. It’s been my own experience that we often misjudge, just how far we can actually go. I am here to encourage, empower and embolden you to create a life that accomplishes, all that is possible. Not just what you believe to be. 

What is your possibility? 

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Recovery Coaching

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What’s New?

Holistic Happier Hour Event happening 9/29/2019- 2:00-6:00 PM

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I spoke about my recovery story, and what a recovery coach even is with Jessica of A Sober Girl’s Guide- Listen Here

Freedom Recovery Groups are on break right now! Registration begins soon!

Interested to learn more? You can find more details HERE.

Guided Meditations, worksheets and other downloadables are coming soon!

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I reflect and share my little insights. Want to read some of those posts? 

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