The word Healing has always held such a strong connotation for me. To heal; meant to be free. It meant being empowered, relieved and whole. I fought being healed, and I have fought for healing. I have stayed locked in the prison of my own comforts, slowly deteriorating from hiding from the sun. I have been angry, looking to be healed. Begging and yelling at the world to fix me. I have healed others unknowingly, and hurt them in the same breath.  It is my journey to heal, and to be healed, I can only surmise that being the reason such a beautiful thing has become such a strained fixation.

My own healing has been a journey.  There are no other words to describe the non linear course that my life has taken, riddeled with obstacles, boundaries and fear. I have tried a million and a half ways to heal, and I am always looking for another one. As someone who wants to help others, I have always found some sort of obligation to sift through everything, and present the world with truths. I continue to learn everyday, however one thing remains clear and unchanging. We are all mystical, unique indivudals, and their is no cure all. No one method will work for everyone, because that is the beauty of us all being on our own paths.

My intention for this blog is two-fold. I would like a place to share what I find in the world, to the world around healing. However, I also intend to use this as a place to find inspiration. Hope can come from many sources, and with a diversified approach to healing, perhaps even the most far removed can find connection, hope and strength here.

Sending Gratitude IMG_0423




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