Courage to Change

Here in Colorado, the weather is as unpredictable as it can get. Some days, you can literally see all four season in a 24 hour span. This past week however, it stayed consistently gray, gloomy and rainy. After a week of sunshine, high temperatures and elevated spirits- the weather dipped back into the typical gray of Colorado Springs. Of course, as cliche as it is, I began to think more about change.

I could feel myself literally resisting the rain, in favor for the sunny skies I had the week prior. Stuck, my thoughts circled and spiraled into negativity. Why is it that we resist change, despite knowing it’s inevitability?

PSX_20180526_172231My path towards healing, required that I be open to change. I didn’t want to change the way I thought, spoke, behaved and coped. I had a comfy little setup, protecting me from anything that could possibly make me uncomfortable. At even the mention of change, I would retreat further into my box of negativity, victim, shame and entitlement.

But the stories we make up about the change, tend to be so much worse than the change itself. We make these great big stories up about how impossibly excruciating, engaging in change would be. So we don’t. We stay stuck.

Here’s the unfortunate truth that lies at the bottom of that logic- If you don’t change, you will be changed. Everything changes, including you. The weather,seasons, time, places, ideas – it all is continually morphing and growing into something else. We are no exception. If you aren’t the one doing the changing yourself, than you fall victim to change. You become changed by the circumstances of your life, passively. Without the responsibility of creating your own life in your own vision, you leave your life up to chance.

PSX_20180526_171609I invite you to engage in the change yourself. Embrace the beautiful truth that we all change, and recreate yourself. Don’t be afraid to embrace a new, changed version of yourself. We are always evolving, and if you are courageous enough to take charge of your life- you change for the better. You are empowered, you are creating.

What did you think?

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