My Shadow

My shadow

As I continue on my own path of personal development- I wanted to share a piece I wrote. I am in great exploration now of my shadow self, and I invite you to read the following with an open mind. There is a symbiotic relationship when we act in vulnerability. 


Treading carefully pace by pace

Down the  path of life,

Constantly haunted.

My darker, shadowy projection dragging on the ground behind me.

Unshakable & unyielding,


Fear keeps me from ever really looking back at  it.

The unknown prevents me from investigating too deeply.

Not my shadow.

I will run from it

Numb it out

Cover it up

Manipulate, maneuver and manage my way around seeing it.

The farther I run,

The more tired I become.

Fatigued, hurting and desperate.

I have to look at it. I have to confront it.

I summon all the courage, the strength I can.

I gather my weapons of battle,

my tools of self discovery & my accomplices in the mission

I brace myself, almost paralized.

Both by the pain of avoidance and fear of the unknown.

It’s time.

I turn my head, bracing for the ugliest of monsters.

I am saddened to find-

it’s only me.

My hurting little girl, struggling for control.

I drop my guard, my weapons, defenses of destruction-

I drop to my knees.


To finally welcome her home with me.


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