The opening of my practice, arose from a deep love of working with people, and seeing them grow. Coaching should happen at a very genuine level. This

Hayley Mathews
Hayley Mathews 2017

allows clients to advocate for themselves and create their own possibilities within the realm of coaching. I am here to help collaborate alongside the expert in your life, to ensure that you are truly feeling connected to your highest self.

Mission Statement: I believe in the true individuality of people, and strive to honor that in a way that helps my clients reconnect to their most healed, whole selves and other people. My life’s mission is to provide healing to the world, through authentic expression, exploration and growth.

My Intention for You: My intention as your coach is for you to feel genuine connection, compassion, gratitude, sincerity and growth. I want you to be empowered to use your own voice and live your best life in connection to your highest self.

My Message to the World: We are already healed, whole and free. It is my experience that connection alongside heart centered, holistic approaches can get us back to that experience.

   About Hayley: I am a daughter, sister, mother, friend, girlfriend, nature lover, baker, and a best friend. My life hasn’t been “easy” but through coaching I now believe that everything I’ve ever been through has been worth it. I am a nationally certified Legacy Coach with over 2000 hours of supervision and training. I have over 1000 supervised hours of addiction counseling and crisis intervention work. I use the tools I teach and continue my own personal growth work so that I can continue to learn and grow. I have chosen to become a student to my life experiences and have healed myself through substance use, homelessness, depression, powerlessness and shame.

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