I believe you to be your own best advocate and healer. I am here to collaborate alongside of you to create a recovery plan that feels intuitively free for you. As a coach,I am not here to evaluate. Rather, I am here to work alongside of you to create a meaningful life.




Coaching Evaluations: Required; This is an opportunity for you and I to meet prior to starting our coaching. This evaluation will cover learning styles, agreements, intentions and the exploration of varying modalities to find your best fit. This session typically runs about 30 minutes and is complimentary. We will collaborate to find the optimal tools to facilitate your healing and growth as a team to allow for the most genuine approach.

Individual Recovery Coaching Sessions: Sessions typically run from 40 minutes to 60 minutes.

One on one opportunity to explore your recovery process, and work through obstacles that are hindering your personal recovery. Making personalized, workable goals in line with your intentions for recovery.



Freedom Recovery Groups

Weekly groups focused at providing evidenced based, peer support bolstered by basic harm reduction principles. This alternative to 12 Step group, focuses on psycho-education through holistic and integrative activities that aim to help you feel more connected. Available on a drop-in basis. Free!


Harm Reduction and Substance Abuse Awareness : Please contact Hayley to learn more about these powerful lectures. These are intended to be empowering, psycho-educational conversations around the current atmosphere of Substance Use Disorders. Talks can be tailored to specific groups, organizations, classes or schools. In a world where substance abuse is shamed and hidden, these talks provide a safe and accepting place for adolescents and their families to learn and heal.

Resistance Line: A resource of trained therapists, dedicating their time to the social justice movement. This resource is available for mental health first aid and brief trauma processing, for those individuals affected by and involved in the movement.

Verbal Deescalation & Reformative Justice Training: An opportunity to engage local law enforcement, first responders, resource officers, security officers and community partners in evidenced based practices to effectively deescalate crisis. An educational moment to define justice, and recreate what it means to be a community through reformative justice.

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