Why coaching?

Integrative, holistic, heart-centered and sincere empowerment and support- Is what you’ll receive from coaching. Navigating the world today can be challenging. Dis-ease and disconnection can permeate into tricky corners, and we all need connection. Coaching is an alternative approach to traditional therapies and healing practices. It’s collaborative, empowering and passionate. It looks at you as a whole person; Mind, Body and Spirit.

As a coach, I pride myself in being client-oriented and healing-driven. I differentiate myself by being creative and open to whatever healing you feel you would most benefit from. The possibilities of what coaching can look like are limitless; and I believe that only you know the best way to heal. I help you find the remedy within you.

Recovery Coaching

Curious about what a coach does for someone in recovery? I spoke with A Sober Girl’s Guide about recovery coaching, sponsors and therapists. You can listen by clicking here, and selecting “What is a Recovery Coach”


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